The Liberty Bitcoin Cup

About the Liberty Bitcoin Cup


The Liberty Bitcoin Cup is the prime cup for the Next Generation of World Class Sailors, competing on the Next Generation of High Tech Class Foil Sailing boats. Where traditionally Gold Cups were the premier Cups in traditional sailing, this next generation is now powered by the Next Generation of gold – Bitcoin.

The Liberty Bitcoin Cup was founded by the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (RHKYC), Rune Jacobsen, Max Dubreuil and CMCC Global, the company behind the Liberty Bitcoin Fund.

The Liberty Bitcoin Cup will be managed and governed by leading yacht clubs, with significant influence from youth sailors and youth teams. We aspire to make leading edge foiling accessible and affordable for youth teams from around the world. Together we are working hard to host truly pinnacle events at the lowest cost possible for participating yacht clubs and youth teams.

The Liberty Bitcoin Cup 2021-2022 is open for female and male youth sailors born between 1st January 1996 and 15th February 2003. Teams consist of 3 or 4 crew members of mixed gender and shall race with both genders or all females on board.  No crew weight restrictions will apply.


In this year’s Liberty Bitcoin Cup series, there will be a total of 3 qualifying events before the final match in Hong Kong.

The first event was held from 24 February – 12 March in Gaeta, Italy, organized by Coming Solutions Srl and Yacht Club Gaeta, with the support from RHKYC, Federazione Italiana Vela and Liberty Bitcoin Fund.

The location and details of the second regatta will soon be announced. The winning team from Gaeta, and the winning team from the second event in Europe in August 2021 will secure their slots directly into the Liberty Bitcoin Cup Finals in Hong Kong.

The last qualifying event will be organized by the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club in Hong Kong early January 2022, right before the Cup final match.  In the qualifying event in Hong Kong additional 3 teams will qualify for the finals.

The 5 qualified teams will then compete in the Liberty Bitcoin Cup final races.  The winning team will win the grand prize of 1 Bitcoin.

Supporting Clean Seas

The Liberty Bitcoin Cup is a Clean Seas supporter. The RHKYC is a pledge taker and committed to addressing the plastic waste goals set for the duration of the competition terms. We are part of a greater global movement; by working together we are trying to engage all stakeholders, revolutionize the plastic supply chain and #UnitedNationsEnvironmentProgram #UNEP #CleanSeas

The Prize

Scarce. Divisible. Transferable. Verifiable. Tamper-proof.
Bitcoin is better at being gold than gold.
At the Genesis moment of the Liberty Bitcoin Cup on the 20th of August 2020, the value of 1 Bitcoin was
11,710 USD/BTC
Price of 1 Bitcoin today:
USD 60,000
Return for the winning team:
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