Next Generation of World Class Teams

The next generation of world class sailors

Liberty Bitcoin Cup is open for youth teams representing leading yacht clubs from around the world. The Liberty Bitcoin Cup 2021-2022 is open for female and male youth sailors born between 1st January 1996 and 15th February 2003. Teams consist of 3 or 4 crew members of mixed gender and shall race with both genders on board. 8 teams participated in the first qualifying event in Gaeta. Many more yacht clubs are currently planning to join the two next qualifying events of the Liberty Bitcoin Cup. If your yacht club would like to participate, please contact us

Only 16 teams (yacht clubs) will be accepted for entry in the next two qualifying events.

RHKYC Team Agiplast
Royal Yacht Club Hong Kong - Hong Kong
RHKYC Team Agiplast
Samantha Morton, Nicolai Jacobsen, Maria CanteroIzquierdo, Calum Iain Gregor
Coach: Chris Rashley

RHKYC Team Agiplast hails from Hong Kong where their home base is the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. Initially created as a Youth America’s Cup team, the group have come a long way since then but have stayed adaptable, thus allowing them to maintain a strong team and presence in the Liberty Bitcoin Cup and the 69F class. Under the coaching of Chris Rashley, these four young sailors come from a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. But they have seen great success in utilizing their respective strengths. With goals of developing youth sailing in Hong Kong and advocating for a sustainable future, RHKYC Team Agiplast are using their platform for good. Keep an eye on the team as they continue to improve and develop with each outing!

Young Azzurra
Yacht Club Costa Smeralda - Italy
Young Azzurra
Erica Ratti, Federico Colaninno, Ettore Botticini, Francesca Bergamo
Coach: Michael Illbruck - YCCS commodore

Another team initially aiming for the Youth America’s Cup, Young Azzurra comes to us from Yacht Club Costa Smeralda. The team is definitely one of the more experienced aboard the new foiling boast, having participated in various 69F Revolution regattas in 2020. Named after Azzurra, the first Italian America’s Cup challenger launched by the YCCS. “The Young Azzurra sports project was born precisely in continuity with that experience and with the history of Azzurra, dedicated to young talents ofItalian sailing in the world of foiling” says Michael Illbruck - YCCS commodore. Young Azzurra are a very strong, consistent team and will have a solid presence throughout the Liberty Bitcoin Cup.

Team DutchSail - Jansen de Jong
KNZRV Muiden & KRZV De Maas - Netherland
Team Dutch Sail
Scipio Houtman, Ismene Usman, Cas Van Dongen, Sarah Bos
Coach: Pieter-Jan Postma

Team DutchSail is the project created out of a desire to bring the foiling discipline to the front stage of Dutch youth sailing. Coach/team manager Pieter-Jan Postma says that “Foiling the Youth America's Cup class is the missing link in the Dutch youth program, which runs from the Optimist to the Olympic Games ... Together we will create new sailing heroes. ” And create new sailing heroes they have! The team has seen lots of success since beginning training in the 69F and are regarded as the most experienced and knowledgeable team in the class. Starting off as a Youth America’s Cup campaign and then transitioning and adapting, Team DutchSail are fierce competitors who will be training and competing through the entire Liberty Bitcoin Cup circuit.

Team Kingdom
Koninklijke Watersport Vereeniging Loosdrecht - Netherland
Kingdom Team
Odile van Aanholt, Bart Lambriex, Guido Gallinaro
Coach: Floris van de Werken

It might come as a surprise that Team Kingdom is competing at the Liberty Bitcoin Cup. About a week ago they got a call from 69F Sailing, that due to COVID restrictions there was a team that couldn't make it to the event, and if they could get the team back together and take their spot. This sounded like an amazing opportunity to the team! After they decided to put the team on hold when the Youth America's cup got Cancelled back in October. Team Kingdom's members all went back to focusing on their own programs, but fortunately, 3 of they were able to find time from other programs to travel down to Gaeta, Italy and enter the Liberty Bitcoin Cup on such a short notice. Racing will operate with Odile, Bart and Guido on the boat racing as Kingdom Team under the European flag.

One Switzerland
Bordée de Tribord - Switzerland
One Switerland
Max Haenssler, Clelia Sessa, David Bierdemann
Coach: xxx

One of the first teams to join the Liberty Bitcoin Cup, ONE Switzerland immediately went to work on honing their skills and understanding of the 69F. Throughout their training the team has seen a range of conditions, thus rendering them one of the more prepared teams for whatever conditions they may face. The team is entirely driven and operated by the sailors, testifying to their passion for sailing and competing and their commitment to the event and victory. As the Cup progresses, ONE Switzerland are sure to continue building and distinguishing themselves as a dominant boat in the fleet.

Southern Challenge
Southern Yacht Club - USA
Southern Challenge
Riley Gibbs, Anna Weis, Langston Goldenberg
Coach: Sally Barkow

Hailing from Southern Yacht Club, New Orleans, Team Southern Challenge is a group of boisterous, enthusiastic sailors coming to compete for victory. Assembled by flight controller - Langston Golden berg, Southern Challenge brings an elite calibre of sailors and respective experience under the guidance of coach Sally Barkow. On shore the team are friendly and quick-witted, but do not be fooled for they bring a fierce intensity to racing and are definitely a strong contender for the cup.

Youth Bravo España
Real Club Nautico de Palma - Spain
Youth Bravo Espana
Iset Segura, Toni Massanet, Machi Contessi, Contessi Luca
Coach: Lorenzo De Felice

Although they may be the youngest team in the cup, Youth Bravo España are definitely one of the most passionate out on the water. Composed of four Spanish youth sailors, Youth Bravo España have come together, and in a short amount of time, achieved a level of mastery of the 69F. The team is fiery and competitive which gives them an edge out on the water, and they are often one of the most feared teams when out on the start line. As they continue to improve on their experience, they are sure to make for a boisterous competitor to be feared.

Xela Racing
Sanderfjord Seilforening - Norway
Xela Racing
Alexander Hogheim, Fredrikke Foss, Sivert With
Coach: Alexander Ringstad

A later addition to the Liberty Bitcoin Cup, XELA Racing team is composed of three young sailors from Norway under the coaching of Alexander Ringstad. Bringing expertise from their experience foiling on a GC32, XELA Racing are newcomers to the 69F discipline. It is their ultimate goal to continue developing future generations of young Norwegian sailing talents, and they will accomplish this by obtaining results in both the 69F and GC32 classes.

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