Persico 69F

The next generation of sailing

Persico Marine, the manufacturer of the America`s Cup Team Prada boat Luna Rossa, has produced a new generation of high performance foiling sailboats – The Persico 69F.

The Persico 69F is an amazing new foiling boat design for 3-4 crew with the design concept as “foiling for everyone” aiming to bring the maximum quality and minimum carbon footprint to the sailing community. With the boat’s weight of only 350 kg, the mission is to build a foiling monohull sports boat that should be as simple as possible so that it can be enjoyed by a wide spectrum of sailors; young or old, advanced or beginners. The hull has a length of 6.90 metres, a beam of 2.1- 4.6 metres, a draft of 1.70 metres, and displacement of 350 kg. The components are detachable and 4 x Persico 69F boats fit well into a 40’ container for ease of transport.

The state of the art Persico 69F is not only beautifully designed but also packed with innovation and cutting-edge technologies.

The boat’s canoe body is made of extremely light pre-preg carbon fibre and has a stable bottom with a shape that allows the new craft to fill the current gap between the highest performing displacement boat and a true foiling boat. The emphasis was on safety and slow “take-off” speed, so that this boat can foil even at low true wind speeds, from 7-8 knots of windspeed. The Persico 69F is capable of 18-20 knots boat speed upwind and up to 35 knots downwind.

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Persico 69F
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